Precision Stainless WeldingPrecision Stainless Welding

Sydney Stainless Engineering has a reputation for producing the highest quality work. The finish on our work is always impressive, without costing you a cent more. Each project is subject to strict quality measures before leaving our factory..



Design and Manufacture Prototype and Propriety EquipmentDesign and Manufacture Prototype and Propriety Equipment

With our experienced team of engineers and designers, your project will quickly become a reality. Using our industry knowledge, our team can advise you on the best methods and practices to develop you product or project within budget.


Product Development and DesignProduct Development and Design

The hands on experience of the Sydney Stainless Engineering team will provide you with knowledge and foresight when developing your products. Whether it is at the design phase of a project, or adjusting an existing product to maximize results, Sydney Stainless Engineering will ensure the best possible outcome.


Cost Effective Problem SolvingCost Effective Problem Solving

A core value of Sydney Stainless Engineering is to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective methods of manufacturing their products. This has our customers returning time and time again. Customers know and trust Sydney Stainless Engineering to always deliver the best result, with the most cost effective method.


Cutting and FoldingCutting and Folding

With one of the largest presses and guillotines in the South of Sydney, we are able to attend to your small jobs as well as your large jobs.

  • The guillotine is able to cut stainless steel 6mm thick by over 4m long.
  • The press is able to press stainless steel 6mm thick by over 4m long.


Supply of sheet and stainlessSupply of Sheet and Stainless

We are happy to supply all of your stainless requirements, whether you are after a small or large quantity, our prices are the most competitive on the market.